VPS Hosting

Connect AWS lightsail With An SSH Client & FTP Client

Linux and Mac OS X come bundled with SSH clients by default. In order to log in to your server,

How to transfer Digitalocean Droplets to another user or team.

Transferring a droplet snapshot from one digital ocean account to another user or team helps the droplet migration process be

Can’t access to phpMyAdmin even after installing phpMyAdmin? Here is the solution.

Most of you might perfectly install the LAMP( LINUX, APACHE, MYSQL, and PHP ). If you haven’t installed yet please

Linode VPS hosting in Nepal

Linode VPS Hosting

Linode is an American web hosting company that provides cloud hosting via VPS hosting plans that run on Linux-only servers. 

managed VPS hosting from Cloudlaya, Best service in Nepal

Managed VPS Hosting: Fast & Secure

There are different types of hosting services and packages available for users to choose from. Shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated

Best web hosting and domain registration service provider in Nepal

Why Cloudlaya.com?

There is a saying “There are lots of fish in the sea”, so why should anyone choose cloudlaya.com as their

How to install WordPress on VPS from Digital Ocean?

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management tools used by millions of peoples around the world. So

Getting Started with Digital ocean

Digital ocean is a great platform to create a virtual private server. Digital ocean provides varieties of operating system which

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